Reveal your talent as a Manager and Leader

Becoming a Manager is not just a change of title. It's a change of attitude. And like any change in posture, it must be accompanied!

I discover the training
Reveal your talent as a Manager and Leader

Why set up this training?

Giving the title of manager to one of your talents is an overnight change. Learning the managerial posture takes much longer and requires much more attention on your part.

As an organization, you must give your new managers the tools to find their management style and accompany them in this transition. Not giving them the keys is risking :

  • Put them in a complex situation with their team
  • Not allowing them to understand their new role in your organization
  • Create a gap between your expectations because you rely on them and their ability to meet them

The benefits of the training

We are convinced that everyone has the resources to be an excellent Manager and Leader. It is in this spirit that we have created the Reveal your talent as a Manager and Leader training. Thanks to this training, your Managers will learn to : 

  • Be aware of all their qualities / ie. master the richness of their backgrounds and the diversity of their abilities
  • Identify and develop their strengths as a Manager/Leader / i.e. define the type of Manager/Leader they would like to be
  • Work on and anticipate key moments / i.e. identify all the important moments and adopt the best attitude for themselves and for others in order to gain performance as a Manager/Leader

These skills will serve them throughout their career, at each new change of position that will involve a managerial dimension.

How to set up

The "Reveal your talent as a Manager and Leader" training consists of 5 sessions of 1h30 each, spread over 3 months to allow the beneficiary to progress at his/her own pace and to accompany him/her effectively as he/she takes up his/her position. The beneficiary is systematically asked to do an intermediate work from one session to the next.

Sessions are preferably held by videoconference in order to adapt more easily to the beneficiary's schedule.

During the training, each beneficiary has access to :

  • A digital platform to centralize all the useful information for the good progress of the training (planning and report of its sessions, to-do for the next session, space for sharing documents with the speaker etc.)
  • A video-conference system to participate in remote sessions
  • Workshops and teaching aids to progress through the sessions and validate the skills acquired
  • A library of inspiring content
  • If necessary, the training can be given in English 

The speakers of the training


Après 10 années en tant qu’ingénieur et une traversée des Himalayas qui transformera sa vie, Jérémie a décidé de mettre ses capacités d’écoute et d’accompagnement au service de l’humain. Jérémie, c’est le coach qui vous fera gravir vos propres montagnes avec le sourire

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Après 15 années d'expérience en marketing, Olivier a décidé de s'appuyer sur cette expertise pour dédier son quotidien à l'accompagnement des personnes souhaitant se lancer dans une nouvelle aventure professionnelle. Amoureux du management et des histoires de vie, c'est ce qui l'a poussé à transformer son quotidien pour devenir coach !

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C'est en parcourant 6 pays en 15 ans, que Joana s'est passionnée pour les histoires de vie des gens & pour l’entrepreneuriat social et solidaire. Joana accompagne les entrepreneurs / intra-entrepreneurs à se fixer des objectifs et à créer un plan d’attaque pour les atteindre

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After 16 years in Marketing in the fast fashion and Sport Business worlds, Audrey became a coach in 2019. Her specialty? It is the setting in motion, she accompanies people in the understanding of their source of motivation to create links and identify the resources that lead to action.

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etienne cassagne
NLP Master Practitioner, he relies on Non-Violent Communication and the Systemic Approach, in order to build up a set of complementary tools in order to offer the best support to any person making a change process.
coach boost polo
Coach, speaker, trainer
& Olympic medalist. It is by managing his emotions that Polo was able to make the difference against his opponents at the Turin Olympics in 2006, and this is what he transmits today in coaching & on stage
coach boost joana
Joana's passion for people's life stories & social entrepreneurship came from travelling through 6 countries in 15 years. Joana helps entrepreneurs / intra-entrepreneurs to set goals and create a plan of attack to reach them
coach boost audrey
After 16 years in Marketing in the fast fashion and Sport Business worlds, Audrey became a coach in 2019. Her specialty? It is the setting in motion, she accompanies people in the understanding of their source of motivation to create links and identify the resources that lead to action.
coach boost boubakar
A true chameleon of the working world, Boubakar has held 6 different positions in 15 years and has navigated 5 different sectors of activity! Ex-operational manager, career management expert and now a certified coach at HEC, he now devotes himself to accompanying others in their professional questioning.

They tell about the training

A training course that is 100% paid for

The trainings offered by BOOST are Qualiopi certified and therefore 100% financed by your OPCO. 

The price of the training is 5.000€ TTC.

If the beneficiary of this training has been recruited by the BOOST Talent Recruitment team, you automatically benefit from a preferential rate.

As a bonus!

Because we know that the effectiveness of a training course is evaluated over time, we offer a follow-up session at 6 months, 3 months after the end of the training. The objective of this follow-up session is to validate and enhance the lessons learned during the training and to help the beneficiary apply them by reviewing situations he/she may have encountered since the end of the training.

Some feedback on our training courses

"I have gained confidence and have been able to be less hard on myself, which allows me to make better decisions. I have accepted the fact that I have weaknesses and questions and can turn them into a strength. An opportunity to accept and listen to myself, a real work on myself!"

Marie, Director of PR & Influence Consulting

"It's liberating and you learn a lot :) I know myself better now"

Coralie, Director of Consulting and Influence in agency

How do I set up training for my teams?

Contact us to give all the keys to your new managers!

  • Number of beneficiaries who completed the training: 3
  • Number of beneficiaries in training: 3
  • Training recommendation rate : 100%‍
  • Beneficiary satisfaction rate : 85%.