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Champion of benevolence and expert in ultra active listening!

After 16 years in Marketing in the fast fashion and Sport Business worlds, it is in 2019 that Audrey discovered herself and became a coach. 

She has made the movement of others her professional ideal.

Through her coaching, whether individual or collective, she accompanies people in these famous periods of professional transition through the understanding of their source of motivation and the identification of resources that lead to action.

With a rare gentleness, she excels in building the trust necessary to help those who are lucky enough to be accompanied by Audrey progress at high speed!

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Now let's find out a bit more about who is


D'où te vient cette envie d'accompagner et former d'autres personnes ?

I have always felt that the notion of Management in the companies I have worked for was not very well considered. From a "reward" point of view, yes, but not necessarily accompanied to make each manager aware of this role, of the responsibilities that come with it but also of all the good that could result from a good managerial practice.

Very quickly, I wanted to accompany these managers, both new and old, to help them progress and, at the same time, to help their organizations progress.

What is your mantra? Or your strongest belief?

Coaching reveals talents.

Or rather the strength of a coach's low posture is perfectly expressed to reveal talents.

It is this posture that is permanently at the center of my accompaniments, whether individual or collective, and which allows me to make each person understand what resources he or she has to develop and build his or her skills.

What type of speaker are you?

I would say that I am a caring, agile and resourceful speaker! My obsession is to accompany all those who express the need for it towards a better version of themselves! 

What is your area of expertise?

Management training and support, as a moment of professional transition, is particularly important for the manager, the employee and for the whole organization!

What issues have you already helped with?

In the individual setting: 

  • Professional transition, 
  • Time management, 
  • Professional retraining, 
  • Onboarding

On a collective format: 

  • Increase in managerial skills
  • Team conflicts
  • ...
You too have experienced a professional transition, how did it go?

It was a mixture of excitement and fear overall. I would have liked to have been accompanied during this transition but that was not offered when I left. 

I felt helpless at times, a little lost, but I held on thanks to a lot of determination. In the end, I always believed in my project and this is what carried me through this transition with great pride.

What is your favorite workshop to lead?

The Coat of Arms (Link to the exercise sheet). 

What I like about the Coat of Arms is that it is a very visual exercise, where overall, the important thing is to feel things and express them in a different way (through drawing in particular).

It is a workshop that can be done individually or in groups and that allows to make a first starting point and to understand what is at stake for each person at the moment of transition, to go up in skills.

Une des spécialités de BOOST, c’est d’accompagner les individus à trouver leur job idéal. Pour toi, ça veut dire quoi “trouver son job idéal”?

It's finding a job in which the balance between what you give and what you receive is perfect. It's a job in which you take pleasure on a daily basis but also in a medium/long term projection.

It's finally a job that enriches you, that makes you a better person!

Et tu y mets quoi comme ingrédients dans ton job idéal ?

Fun, a good dose of creativity, an obvious base of authenticity, a big dash of audacity, and a huge topping of benevolence!

Finally, what are your passions?

There are many things I like. 

I love to travel and discover other cultures to experience another reality of the world.

I love to cook and eat well of course. For that, I feel lucky to be French 😀

I have a real affection for the French Handball teams, I support them at every major competition and I am lucky, they often win!

On a more artistic level, I love improvisational theater and singing!

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