Our disability policy

The legislative framework

The law " for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people " of February 11, 2005 (law no. 2005-102, JO no. 36 of February 12, 2005 page 2353), known as the disability law, is a French law promulgated under the Raffarin government.

It expresses the desire to raise awareness among civil society as well as employers of the problem of integrating disabled people, and thus allows " Any disabled person to have the right to the solidarity of the entire national community ".

This political orientation implies in particular:
- Generalized accessibility in all areas of social life (education/training, employment, built environment, transport)
- The right to compensation for the consequences of disability.

The law of February 11, 2005 defines disability in all its diversity, i.e.: " any limitation of activity or restriction of participation in society suffered by a person in his or her environment due to a substantial, lasting or definitive alteration of one or more physical, sensory, mental, cognitive or psychological functions, a multiple disability or a disabling health disorder ".

Our commitment to training
and support for people with disabilities

Conscious of its societal role, BOOST & Partners inscribes in its values a strong commitment to the employability of all, without distinction. As a signatory of the Diversity Charter, BOOST & Partners promotes professional diversity and integration in the world of employment for each and every one of us.

The specific accompaniment of people with disabilities or facing health problems is an integral part of our DNA and our corporate mission.

As a training organization, we have to be able to inform, welcome, accompany and train trainees with disabilities, and to give everyone the same chances to access training.

In order to make sure that the people accompanied by our trainers and beneficiaries of our trainings feel welcomed with the greatest benevolence and friendliness, BOOST & Partners has sensitized all its staff on the subject of disability, and trained its trainers on the actors, the devices and the forms of disability.

Procedures in place

Moreover BOOST & Partners has set up an organizational and pedagogical procedure, to be able to accompany people in a handicap situation and to make them benefit from its trainings, with all the possible compensations.

The procedure goes as follows:
- The Pedagogical Referent identifies the training or accompaniment project and the potential handicap of the beneficiary, through a questionnaire, completed if necessary by an interview.
- Through an exchange with the beneficiary on the type and level of disability, the disability advisor determines the type of disability and collects the essential information to evaluate the needs and consider the implementation of an adapted compensation.
- If necessary, he/she contacts the Agefiph correspondent to find out what specific means can be put in place if they do not already exist, as well as the various partners involved.

For inter-company training:
- He/she checks whether the means of compensation is applicable, as well as the availability of any necessary resources, in collaboration with the course referent and the instructor.
- According to the type of handicap and the identified need, a BOOST & Partners employee can be designated on request as a privileged contact, for a specific accompaniment: specific reception, answer to particular requests, facilitation of his travels in our training center

For an intra-company training:
- He verifies that the necessary resources are available and/or specifies the resources to be foreseen with the host company in collaboration with the sponsor and the speaker.

Whether it is for an inter-company or intra-company training, he keeps the client informed of the possible adaptations.


External contact
- AGEFIPH Ile de France : 0800 11 10 09 - ile-de-france@agefiph.asso.fr
Contact RHF (Ressource Handicap Formation) IDF region: Bastien GIESBERGER or M'Ballo SECK
- By mail: rhf-idf@agefiph.asso.fr

Contact disability referent
Clara BENOIST, Consultant, speaker and lecturer on disability:
- By mail: clara@femmebionique.com
By phone: 06 47 39 42 29 (by SMS)

Alexis MEUNIER, consultant-intervenor, in charge of the disability mission:
- By mail: contact@ressourcesetcarrieres.com / subject : "question to the disability referent"
- By phone: 01 48 78 82 20

Mission of the Disability Referent
- Participate in the animation and implementation of the policy of reception and integration of disabled people in training or benefiting from a skills assessment or coaching service, defined by the management.
- The disability advisor is also a resource person on disability for the management, the teaching team, all the people and the public.

Accessibility and support

The organization's premises are located at 59 rue de l'Ourcq, 75019 PARIS, but all the training courses take place remotely.

Disability resource sites in Île de France and contacts with local institutions

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste de structures locales, mobilisables sur Paris ou en Ile de France pour les personnes en situation de handicap :

AGEFIPH : Organisme collecteur de fonds, chargé de développer l’emploi des personnes en situation de handicap dans le secteur privé
- Téléphone : 0 800 11 10 09
- Mail : ile-de-france@agefiph.asso.fr 
- Lien : Agefiph, ouvrir l'emploi aux personnes handicapées

FIPHFP : Organisme collecteur de fonds, chargé de développer l’emploi des personnes en situation de handicap dans le secteur public 
- Téléphone : 01 58 50 99 33
- Mail : Contact - FIPHFP ou eplateforme.FIPHFP@caissedesdepots.fr 
- Lien : Accueil - FIPHFP

MDPH : les MDPH sont chargées d’accompagner les personnes en situation de handicap dans la reconnaissance de leur handicap, de les informer sur les droits dont elles bénéficient .
- Téléphone : 01 53 32 39 39
- Mail : contact@mdph.paris.fr 
- Lien : Page d'accueil - MDPH de Paris - Handicap Paris

CAP Emploi : les CAP Emploi sont en charge de la préparation, de l’accompagnement, du suivi durable et du maintien dans l’emploi des personnes handicapées.
- Téléphone : 01 44 52 40 60
- Mail : contact@capemploi75.org
- Lien : Accueil Cap emploi 75 (capemploi-75.com)

SAMETH ACMS : services d'aide au maintien dans l'emploi des personnes handicapées
- Téléphone : 01 46 14 84 00

LADAPT : association d’aide aux personnes en situation de handicap vers l’autonomie et l’inclusion 
- Téléphone : 01 42 64 59 99
- Mail : direction.ladapt75@ladapt.net
- Lien : LADAPT Paris | LADAPT

Association Valentin Haüy : Aveugles et malvoyants - vocation d’aider les aveugles et les malvoyants à sortir de leur isolement, et de leur apporter les moyens de mener une vie normale
- Téléphone : 01 44 49 27 27
- Mail : Contactez-nous | association Valentin Haüy (avh.asso.fr)
- Lien : Accueil | association Valentin Haüy (avh.asso.fr)

Fédération des Aveugles de France - inclusion sociale et économique des personnes déficientes visuelles.
- Téléphone : 01 44 42 91 91
- Mail : Contactez-nous | Fédération des Aveugles de France
- Lien : Fédération des Aveugles de France | La citoyenneté, ça nous regarde !

Services d’interprétation LSF : prestations et accompagnement à l’interprétation de la LSF
- Mail : silsinterpretes@gmail.com
- Téléphone : 01 47 70 84 52 / 06 77 15 37 38
- Lien : SILS - Service d'Interprètes en Langue des Signes (LSF) (sils-interpretes.fr)

Les locaux de l'organisme sont situés au 59 rue de l’Ourcq, 75019 PARIS mais l'ensemble des formations se déroulent en distanciel.

En vigueur au 29.09.2021