fair, transparent
& committed

Our remuneration is not linked to the package of the recruited candidate, but only to the difficulty to find your nugget

Discover the BOOST way of recruiting

Did it ever shock you to pay
a recruitment firm
according to the % of the package of the recruited candidate?

Yet, this compensation model necessarily involves two major problems for companies

Firms are judge and jury

They have a vested interest in increasing the candidate's package in the final negotiations, which means that their interest and yours are no longer aligned.

You don't pay the right price

Generally, the more experienced the profile you are looking for, the greater the gap between what you pay and the fair price (i.e. the value actually provided by the firm).

Recruiting the BOOST way

Fair, because we operate on a flat rate basis

The price of our support is not determined by the candidate's package, but by the difficulty of finding the profile. This means that you pay the right price for your recruitment, not a % of the package. Our remuneration does not increase with the candidate's package, so we can remain totally impartial during the recruitment process and advise you in the best possible way.

Transparent, thanks to our tracking platform

Throughout the recruitment process, thanks to a dedicated digital platform, you have access to all the applications and a summary of all our discussions with the candidates. You can thus follow the progress of discussions with all profiles in real time, without losing any information
We always recruit exclusively, simply to guarantee the greatest efficiency to our clients as well as a fair and transparent recruitment experience for all candidates.

Committed to you and the candidates

25% of our remuneration is subject to your satisfaction at the end of the mission in a totally discretionary way. This is our way of guaranteeing not only the result, but also the manner. We are also committed to responding to 100% of applications with a transparent debriefing to help candidates progress and enhance your employer brand.

They trusted us

Since our creation, more than 30 French and international organizations have already trusted us and have saved several thousands of euros each thanks to our fixed-price operating mode. Here are some of them.

Puma recruitment
team vitality recruitment
freeride world tour recruitment
recruitment ironman group
recruitment sportfive
recruitment thuasne
recruitment lafourmi
recruitment joinly
recruitment hurrah
spartner recruitment
OG Esports recruitment
reparcar recruitment
recruitment havas media
recruitment havas sport
recruitment trainme
recruitment buff
G2 Esports recruitment
Pims recruitment

They testify

"A selection of candidates with different profiles and backgrounds but all potential future collaborators. A careful listening of the needs in order to select the right candidates quickly".

Thibault, Regional Director South West EMEA & Managing Director France
at The IRONMAN Group

"Very well structured recruitment process, which allows us to perfectly identify the needs and find the best possible candidate. The many exchanges throughout the project are also very rewarding."

Thomas, Marketing Director Puma France

"With BOOST, you are in good hands. A personalized accompaniment, sound advice, a very fine knowledge of the sports sponsorship environment. They have a very appreciable human approach that facilitates the relationship with the candidates. They also have the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct your brief to ensure that it meets our needs. I recommend!"

Adrien, Brand Services & Activation Director at SPORTFIVE

"Simple and efficient tools, fluid communication, well-prepared candidates and an ultra-reactive team that listens: in short, it was a real pleasure to be accompanied by BOOST in our recruitment!"

Tatiana, Brand Recommendations Manager at Sportfive

"I particularly appreciated BOOST's listening and accompaniment which allowed me to question my needs expression very early, to target the profiles corresponding to my real needs, and not to get lost in a long and sterile cycle of interviews before validating a recruitment. Speed and efficiency! Thank you BOOST!"

Stéphan, co-owner of Team LDLC OL and former President of France Esports

"For a first collaboration in international recruitment, we couldn't have found a more caring team to work with us."

Manon, General Manager at OG Esport

"Are you looking for a real job? I think they can help you."

Nicolas, CMO/ Marketing Director of Team Vitality

By choosing us, you choose

The facility

Thanks to a dedicated digital platform to facilitate the follow-up of the recruitment

Promoting your employer brand

with a modern, fluid application experience that is popular with candidates, and a relaxed communication style


On the price but also on the whole of our exchanges with the candidates

A fair and committed price

Because 25% of our remuneration is subject to your satisfaction at the end of the mission. Simply because we like to combine manner with results. This guarantees you the greatest involvement of our teams.

The guarantee

On each of our recruitments, we are committed to the result. This means that we look for your nugget,
until we find it.
If you wish to terminate the mission, we find an agreement based on the time actually spent since the beginning of the accompaniment.

So,ready to finally pay the right price for your next recruitment? 😉

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