A single objective:
to accompany you
towards your next professional adventure

Thanks to a course adapted to all professional transitions
(search for a new adventure, taking up a new position, reconversion...)

Discover the BOOST Course

Why is it so complicated to reconcile work and passion?

Because before working in a field you are passionate about, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself.
And some of them are far from obvious:

‍What doI really want to do in life?
What is my ideal job?
Do I need to change
need to change jobs??
Am I really ready to make a career transition?
career transition?
It's all well and good to know what my ideal job is, but how will I find it afterwards?

‍Ifthese questions are far from obvious, it's because the only person who can answer them is you. No one can do it for you.
Unfortunately, the answers are buried deep under a multitude of limiting beliefs, doubts, and barriers that you create yourself.

If you don't dare to ask yourself about your professional future, you risk 2 things:

Have a lifetime of regrets about not even trying to get closer to your ideal job
Continue to work in an environment that you are not passionate about and that does not allow you to grow

That's why we created the BOOST Pathway.
We've designed it to help you develop skills that will serve you for the rest of your life, like :

💠Learn to ask yourself the right questions

💠Be able to present yourself concisely and accurately

💠Speaking about yourself beyond your background.

💠Knowing how to define a research scope

💠Learn to listen to yourself and identify your strengths

💠 Controlling the trail you leave

💠Savoir préparer un entretien

💠Be a player in the recruitment process

💠 Mastering the negotiation game


💠Identify your expectations and set your conditions

💠Create a resume that looks like you

With one goal in mind: to help you find your ideal job.

We created the BOOST Pathway because we ourselves have been through this transitional stage.
And so have all our mentors.
Thanks to it, more than 30 people have already made a successful professional transition to get closer to their passion.

Like them, for example:

"I now have a better handle on my background, my strengths and areas of improvement, but also how I want to behave in my professional life."

Yann, Director of Partnerships

"Thanks to BOOST, I now have a finer vision of the field of expertise on which to position myself, but above all a better ability to present myself, and to value my background"


"My experience is more than positive, because because of the coaching, I was able to be offered 2 new jobs. Now I am in line with my values and the direction I will give to my career."

Benoit, Head of Marketing & Communications

"I have become more aware of my strengths and know how to put them to good use"

Kevin, Executive Director

"Thanks to the BOOST Course, I have regained my self-confidence. I learned to better present my career path (+ coherent, + impactful, + fluid), to have more impactful application tools, to know myself better and most importantly OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED with a new pro challenge started in the wake of the coaching."

Alexandre, Group Leader

"I have become aware of my strengths and know more Today, I am pursuing my research more serenely. We have put in place tools that I am proud to share and I am reassured thanks to the tailored support."

Charlotte, Partnerships and Development Manager

"The most important thing for me is to have taken a step back on my entire career. I also learned to present myself better ( orally, through my resume, cover letter).
And I have incidentally found a job"

Nicolas, Development Officer

"I now have a much more structured job search process, a newfound confidence in my abilities."

Raoul, Co-founder

The BOOST Course

1 coach

to guide you through the main steps of your reflection, to challenge you and especially to accompany you.
You will have all the cards in hand to make a decision that is not to be taken lightly
without ever being alone with your questions and doubts

5 sessions

to mark milestones in your progress, to validate the answers you find as you go along and to benefit from the outside view of your coach

3 months

to allow you to carry out a real introspection without rushing, to make your reflections mature gradually and to leave you time to work between the coaching sessions

BOOST signature exercises

to help you progress in a playful and pictorial way in your reflection,
and to learn to use the look of others to know yourself better

Access to a library of content

and experiences to take advantage of this period of reflection
to open your chakras to the maximum

1 digital platform

to have permanent access to the recommended exercises
by your coach and to the session summaries

2 concrete and essential deliverables
to the job search

your BOOSTED CV (content / form) and your 2 minute pitch

And how does it work?

A first discovery call with Etienne will allow you to ask all your questions, to clarify your needs and expectations.
And for us, a good way to identify the BOOST mentor who will be the most appropriate to accompany you.

The warm-up

Get to know each other well,
little by little


Identify your research perimeter
and create your tools

The D days

Be effective
on specific opportunities

BOOST coaches

BOOST mentors have all experienced a professional transition
and have gone through the same questioning phases as you. They are not there to give you answers. They are there to help you find the answers you have inside.

etienne cassagne
NLP Master Practitioner, he relies on Non-Violent Communication and the Systemic Approach, in order to build up a set of complementary tools in order to offer the best support to any person making a change process.
coach boost polo
Coach, speaker, trainer
& Olympic medalist. It is by managing his emotions that Polo was able to make the difference against his opponents at the Turin Olympics in 2006, and this is what he transmits today in coaching & on stage
coach boost joana
Joana's passion for people's life stories & social entrepreneurship came from travelling through 6 countries in 15 years. Joana helps entrepreneurs / intra-entrepreneurs to set goals and create a plan of attack to reach them
coach boost audrey
After 16 years in Marketing in the fast fashion and Sport Business worlds, Audrey became a coach in 2019. Her specialty? It is the setting in motion, she accompanies people in the understanding of their source of motivation to create links and identify the resources that lead to action.
coach boost boubakar
A true chameleon of the working world, Boubakar has held 6 different positions in 15 years and has navigated 5 different sectors of activity! Ex-operational manager, career management expert and now a certified coach at HEC, he now devotes himself to accompanying others in their professional questioning.

Why make an appointment with Etienne? 

By making an appointment with him, you will be able to have a free 30-minute 1st exchange,
to answer your last questions about the BOOST Pathway.

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