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Why did you create BOOST?

BOOST is the story of a team of passionate individuals who believe that the power of Human Resources is infinite. Born from a candid curiosity in 2017, BOOST launched in 2020 with the firm intention of having a positive and sustainable impact on its ecosystem.Concretely, BOOST helps individuals and organizations get the best out of their potential by moving from a logic of Resources to a logic of Human Wealth. Some would call BOOST a firm, others an agency, or a network of HR experts. BOOST, is actually at the intersection of these worlds: the rigor and the requirement of a firm, the agility and the creativity of an agency, the diversity of the knowledge and the expertise of independents.

The origins of BOOST...a manifesto

An ambition

Making a positive impact
on the world of work

A conviction

the 1st wealth of an organization,
is the people who compose it

A belief

the potential of each person is infinite
and only needs to be unlocked

BOOST, a company with a mission

Our raison d'être : To put the fulfillment and performance of Human Resources at the heart of the strategy of organizations.

A raison d'être that comes to life through 3 missions that guide our decisions and our actions on a daily basis.

equal opportunity company

The company does not recognize any gender.

It ensures gender neutrality in all business decisions and in all our services
👉It ensures this gender neutrality in interaction with its stakeholders

‍Inspired bySDG 5: Gender Equality

The company chooses a shared and sustainable development.

👉It allows its teams to adapt their working conditions to their personal and family needs and creates a virtuous model where each person in the organization participates, in his or her own way, in the company's decisions and orientations
👉It raises awareness among its stakeholders to promote well-being at work, to adapt working hours and to respect each individual.

‍Inspired bySDG 8: Decent Work and Shared and Sustainable Growth

company with a decent work mission

The company is committed to climate change and its impacts.

👉 It assesses its carbon footprint, implements corrective measures every year and participates economically in the fight against global warming
👉 It guides its stakeholders towards greater environmental responsibility through the Avoid / Reduce / Compensate approach

‍Inspired bySDG 13: Fight against climate change

company with an environmental mission

Our playground: the Passion Universes 🤩

We are convinced that passion generates performance and fulfillment. That's why our favorite playground is precisely those environments in which passion plays a key role. This is what we call Passion Universes: an environment in which passionate people come together around an interest, a profession or a business project. Concretely, it is often about entertainment (sports, esports, etc...) or the start-up ecosystem, which is also full of passionate people.

Our team of BOOSTers 🚀

jean-baptiste cayeux
Co-founder & CEO 🔥
Parisian by origin but Basque at heart, philosophical father of BOOST and father of little Esteban, JB loves to chat. With a marketing background, he sees the world as an opportunity. In love with the ocean as much as with the oval ball, the sport shared with others occupies a fundamental place in his life. It's our right brain!
paul-edmond bétremieux
Co-founder & COO 🛠
PE in a nutshell ? Organization. Whether it's team life, client assignments, long telecommuting trips outside of Paris or sports weekends, he's on the ball! In his spare time, PE is a big fan of triathlon, a sport practiced in fun mode with his favorite club, Les Manchots du Tri 🐧
Étienne Cassagne co-founder
Co-founder & Super Coach 🥇
Tall, "strong", but above all listening and sensitive, Etienne loves people! He is a cross between a stuffed animal and a wizard! Dad of 2 little ones, he likes sports a lot, but he doesn't like sports very much.
Anne-Lise Rieu
Talent Acquisition Manager 🕵🏼
Anne-Lise is a 100% Aveyron native, a former globetrotter now living in the South West of France, and mother of two daughters. She has been doing theater for a very long time and her other passion is meeting people and taking care of those around her. She spends her time looking for nuggets...and telling us stories ;)
Anaelle Mattos--Bisleau
Talent Acquisition Manager 🔍
Bayonnaise 🏉 by birth and Argentine ⚽ by origin: Ana is the fruit of this sky and white marriage. At BOOST, Ana is one of our TAMs (Talent Acquisition Manager) but prefers the term TAMTAM which is more danceable: certainly her Latino side. Concerned about others, her interest in Human Resources was first born from her love for people. And she has a lot of them!
Pierre Mourault
Operations & Customer Success ⚙️
Former high level badminton athlete, Pierre is the guarantor of the smooth running of the BOOST organization! Processes, tools, optimizations and automations, he juggles from one to the other to serve the team members and our customers, paying particular attention to making everyone's life easier!
Djena Hazi
Marketing Leader 📈
From Bordeaux and passionate about concerts, Djena is at the heart of BOOST's digital ecosystem! She pilots daily our digital presence, our e-reputation and the update of our website. It's thanks to her that you can find the 5 stars testimonials of our customers on Google ⭐
Laurianne Lefevre
Communication Leader 🎨
Young rochelaise (and very chauvinistic), exiled in Bordeaux, Laulau is our Madame de la Com. Small sensitive heart, full of energy and smiling from morning to night, she does not lack resources to make the image of BOOST live through a maximum of channels 🚀A council? Avoid criticizing her favorite rugby club 💛🖤
Laurianne Lefevre
Business Developer 🔥
An avid golfer and adventurer at heart, Max plays a central role in driving BOOST's sales efforts. As a Business Leader, he accompanies each member of the team in our business dynamics and creates many opportunities to spread our Manifesto and our impact to as many people as possible!
Laurianne Lefevre
Junior TAM 🕵️
Born in Paris and a big fan of PSG ⚽️ Nicolas is also a member of the TAMTAM team which is looking every day to recruit future nuggets. Nicolas has a very strong inclination for human resources and has already done some volunteer work.
Laurianne Lefevre
BOOST Ambassador 💼
After 10 years in the service of brands, in sponsoring and activation, Hadrien is now an ambassador to develop the BOOST activity in the outdoor sector, in Annecy, where he grew up and where his wife and 2 daughters live. For the record, Hadrien was even the very first nugget recruited for one of our clients in the sports and gaming industry!

Why this logo?


A name:
💠 Short and impactful
💠 Benefit-oriented
💠 To put energy at the center
💠 English, because it's more stylish

A logo that evokes:
💠 The impossible made possible
💠 Our systemic approach
💠 Our multi-dimensions

The BOOST community

In order to provide our clients with the best possible support, we regularly call on experts who bring their in-depth knowledge of a particular profession or sector of activity. Thanks to them, we are able to evaluate candidates in many different professions, without claiming to be experts in everything ourselves. The people we coach also benefit directly from this ecosystem of experts to be able to exchange with them, discover jobs from the inside etc... So thank you to all the members of the BOOST community 💙